History of Hip: Art With A Point, A Brief History of Tattoos

Got "Mom" etched into a heart on your bicep? Butterfly pinned to your lower back? Paws marking your chest à la Eve? Or maybe you sport a sailor pin-up girl playing peek-a-boo on your forearm? You don't have to be inked to appreciate the artistry and beauty behind tattoos. For thousands of years cultures spanning the globe have used body modification for everything from rites of passage to putting their hearts on their sleeves—literally. History of Hip, formerly hosted by the Turf Club, has now moved to the Minnesota History Center during the bar's temporary closing. This installment of the series explores the long tradition of tattooing at Art with a Point: A Brief History of Tattoos. Dr. John Troyer will examine some of the myths and stories behind the inky topic, while Awen Briem, tattoo artist extraordinaire, will contribute to the discussion with her experiences tattooing others since 1993. History of Hip takes a deeper look at the foundations and growth of artists, trends, and all things cool. Each talk takes the art of hip and deconstructs it to the core, revealing the key ingredients to brew up a batch of pop-culture perfection. Refreshments and beer will be available at the museum's café, which will be open until 8 p.m. Show off your rad tats or admire others'. And if you're not into permanent inking, temporary tattoos are perfect for spicing up an otherwise dreary Tuesday evening. Call 651.259.3015 to RSVP. 21+. (Photo by JD | Photography)
Tue., Jan. 11, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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