History Flirt: '90s Holidays

Dec. 6
5-8 p.m.
Art, Barhopping, Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Museums

This Tuesday, History Flirt is going back to the sexiest decade ever: the '90s. A time when Bugs Bunny dressed street, frosted lip glosses were in, and people did the Macarena unironically. At this happy hour party, guests will be invited to check out toys and commercials from the era. Re-learn some smooth moves on the dance floor while Flip Phone spins tunes, and make a friendship bracelet for your BFF. There will also be trivia and Nintendo 64 gaming. Wear your ugliest sweater, and wash it all down with a Pop Rocks cocktail. Just don't follow it up with soda, because you know what happens when you mix the two.