Hips Don't Lie

Fans of Black Blondie's willingness to dip their collective toes into an endless sea of alternating styles and genres would do well to check out this shrunken version of the group, led by bassist Liz Draper and keyboardist Tasha Baron. Though Hips Don't Lie define themselves as a jazz group and cling loosely to the constructs of a jazz trio (the duo invite a guest drummer to play with them, with Joey Van Phillips sitting in for this particular gig), their songs wind through a variety of less traditional jazz concepts. Hints of dub and Afro-beat are sprinkled in with more classic elements like walking bass lines and delicately brushed drums, and occasionally the human beatmaker is forgone altogether in favor of a drum machine. This particular show is part of the Dakota's new late-night music lineup, the perfect setting for Hips Don't Lie's sparse and moody grooves.
Fri., Jan. 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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