Hip Hop for the Homeless Benefit

After 30 years of paying lip service to the virtues of keeping it street, hip hop and some of its most selfless practitioners are posed and ready to put your money where their rhymes are in a show that honors those who have had the unkind street thrust upon them. Homelessness is the Gorgon of social ills, and its sweltering gaze has turned many a courageous hero to stone. But for every Gorgon, there is a Perseus, and tonight, the Argonauts of Minnesota hip hop are assembling for a most noble Clash of the Titans. Doomtree's Dessa, Heiruspecs, the Chosen Few, M.anifest—this is the kind of benefit show sonically stunning enough to make you forget you're performing a vital social service. It doesn't matter where you fall within the continuum of altruism, missing a chance to see this lineup at such a menial price would be enough to haunt even the hardest conscience. 18+.
Sat., Feb. 16, 9 p.m., 2008

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