Heroine Sheiks

The sinister vaudevillian vision of Shannon Selberg has returned. After spending nearly eight years in New York, the former Cows frontman has come home and started up what is effectively a new band—even if he's brought the name in tow. Backed by what amounts to a Twin Cities rock supergroup, featuring members of Hammerhead, STNNNG, Belles of Skin City, and Ouija Radio, Selberg's ready to unveil his band's latest incarnation. Considering his hyper-intense live persona and penchant for brazen theatrics, opening night oughta be a gas. Onstage, the man is simply a comet. Using surrealistic imagery, dark humor, and dementia, the maniacal Selberg spews out his musical philosophy like a tweaker-wrenched 12-year-old alone in a room flinging fistfuls of paint, tar, nails, and alcohol at the walls. Be prepared to bob and weave and probably wince—but not to blink. With the Deaf and Sarah Johnson. $8/$10 at the door. All ages at 5:00 p.m.; 21+ at 9:00 p.m.
Sat., Dec. 15, 2007

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