Heroin Shieks

When Cows called it quits after their 1996 release Whorn came out, frontman Shannon Selberg moved to New York and started up a new band, the Heroine Sheiks. Drawing heavily on the sound Cows laid out near the end of their career, the Heroine Sheiks are a little tamer musically, but a lot more daring lyrically. They've been determined from Day One to rattle the cages of everyone from the mice to the clergy to the national music press, and have done so, quite successfully. As of this past year, Selberg and the newest incarnation of the Heroine Sheiks are a Minneapolis band. They've got a new record to boot—the eight-song EP Journey to the End of the Knife (Reptilian Records). Is this a harbinger of the rebirth of the TC music scene? Nah—eventually, everybody comes back to the Twin Cities for a life of hot dish and Minnesota nice. Someday, we're going to have the coolest scene of rockin' geezers on the planet. With Skoal Kodiak. 21+.
Sat., June 14, 9 p.m., 2008

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