Henry Rollins

My friend Jeff tells a story from when he was a wee, 14-year-old punk-rock kid seeing Henry Rollins's post-Black Flag band the Rollins Band. Apparently, Rollins doesn't take too kindly to people stage-diving at his shows. Jeff recalls that after Rollins had made several statements on his distaste for the practice, Jeff ended up onstage, sending a shirtless Rollins into a fury. "It was all tattoos and pecs running at me," he recalls. Rollins grabbed the collar of Jeff's Nirvana Bleach T-shirt as the audience began pulling him back offstage. Thankfully, the audience won the tug-of-war. The next guy onstage wasn't as fortunate: He got wrapped in the microphone cord and roughed up while Rollins sang the chorus to "Low Self Opinion." Ouch. Now more an author, standup comic, and angry detractor of Bush than a rocker, Rollins is still known to bring his punk swagger and intensity to the stage, whether it's in North America or in front of troops on a USO tour. To celebrate the end of the Bush years, Rollins is on something of a farewell tour called the Recountdown Tour. The only question is, what will Rollins start hating after January 20?
Fri., Oct. 24, 7 p.m., 2008

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