Helio Sequence

Think shimmering landscapes of sampled electronic drips and loops. Then add layers of keyboard or fuzzy guitars and a mellow, occasional vocal track, and you have arrived at the Helio Sequence. Their songs seem iridescent—practically materializing before your eyes like so many iTunes visualizer fractals and swirls. Helio Sequence have been at it for a while (producing their first record in 1999) and their experience, not to mention dedication, shows. They're touring in support of their latest release, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, which has already garnered praise. Their seemingly innumerable keyboards create complex walls of sound for an overall mix that brings out the best in lap-pop and synth-pop. While some artists start with the vocals, Helio Sequence start with meandering melodies and weave in more parts until it equals a whole that is supplemented, but not overpowered, by Brandon Summers's serene vocals. With Grey Skies and Sika. 21+.
Wed., May 14, 8 p.m., 2008

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