Heiruspecs 10-Year Anniversary Show


Even discounting the fact that the group has six members and tours damn near half of every year (two things which would cause most groups to break up within months), the impossibility of a rap outfit surviving for 10 years (without major-label love, no less) is almost certain. How then, over the span of a decade, did St. Paul's own Heiruspecs not only survive, but noticeably improve? While the question is maddening, we should not stare such a gift horse in its big, funky mouth. The band is built almost solely to rock it live, with grooves and breaks for days. While almost every measurable factor of life has deteriorated in the last 10 years (social services, environmental protections, and cultural landfills being the most palpable losses), the 'Specs are better in real terms, meaning that in relative terms they are way ahead of the curve. Therefore, if you thought they were good when you first caught them in the late '90s, your 2007-cultural-malaise-lowered-expectations mindframe will really be blown back this time. All ages at 5:00 p.m.; 21+ at 9:00 p.m.
Sat., Dec. 22, 2007

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