'Heavy Metal Parking Lot'


Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Nov. 22
9 p.m.
Fashion and Style, Film, Metal

Pre-gaming isn’t just football tailgating. As most concert-goers know, there’s a lot of epic shit that happens in the parking lot outside of major arenas. In 1986, filmmakers Jeff Krulik and John Heyn arrived at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, for a Judas Priest concert. Armed with a camera, they chatted with super fans, casual concert goers, and people on acid. The result, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, is simply awesome. This Wednesday, Muddy Waters in Lyn-Lake will screen the documentary short (it’s super-short—about 17 minutes long) as part of the Sound Unseen music film fest. These days, the piece is a beloved cult classic and time capsule of the way we were. See the big mall hair, the tiger-print Spandex bodysuits, and the confused—but happy—people on drugs. Come in your ’80s best; there will be a contest for the best costume/hair this evening, with the winner taking home a Zubaz outfit.