Heartgasm is here to woo you with words. Strike Theater



Daily from Feb. 14-15
9 p.m.
Cabaret, Drag, Holiday, Performance Art, Poetry

Words can make you fall in love or completely break your heart. The folks behind Heartgasm know this, and plan to wield this power at their two-day V-Day event. Hosted by Allison Broeren, founder of SlamMN’s much-loved Erotic Poetry Slam, this event features a stacked lineup of award-winning wordsmiths. They include Gregory Pickett (Moth Story Grand Slam Champion), Pearll Warren (2019 Erotica Poetry Slam Champion), and Paul Canada Nemeth (Story SlamMN! Grand Slam Champion). In addition to sexy slam poetry sessions, there will be a dirty haiku competition, aerial artists, standup comedians, and drag performances.