As evidenced by the national success of Crystal Castles and the local dominance of Skoal Kodiak, the club kids want noise and the noise kids want to dance. Los Angeles-based four-piece HEALTH, a wayfaring noise-rock outfit that seems to draw inspiration as much from Justice as from Sightings, means to mediate the peace talks between these two warring factions. Guitars haunt their pounding, surgical drum work before grinding into the ether like iron powder. The vocals, as remote and barren as Neptune, trill beneath icings of digital frost. The sum of all their tooth-grinding and pedal wizardry is a sound that treads the fine line between order and anarchy, with enough off-balance teeters to keep the audience guessing. And unlike the last time you saw Black Dice, this is a show that will compel you to do more than stand still with your eyes shut. With Icy Demons and Gay Beast. 18+.
Wed., July 16, 8 p.m., 2008

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