Haunted Basement


Haunted Basement's Party From the Blacklight Lagoon

April 7
8 p.m.-2 a.m.
$15; $40 VIP
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The Haunted Basement has been freaking people out for over a decade. Once housed in the Soap Factory, they are now terrifying folks in their own space on Hennepin. But before they return for Halloween haunts, the organization must raise funds. This Saturday they’ll be throwing an event at Squirrel Haus that is part rave, part dance party, and part art show. Blacklight and B-movies are the themes of the night; an art show will feature works celebrating both of these things. There will also be blacklight face painting, best utilized on the glow-in-the dark dance floor. Add in snacks, refreshments, and tarot readings, and you have a spooky night. Those who go VIP will end their evening with a special midnight performance from Transvestite Soup’s MN Rocky Horror cast. Find tickets at