Happy Hour Book Club

Don't be fooled—though the Raking Through Books series is held at a bar, that doesn't mean the subjects discussed are boozed-drenched or fluffy. Tonight, three authors who have traveled throughout the world will be discussing the enormously broad topic of social justice/human rights movements, activism, and how the stories of the people who struggle against oppression affects those movements. For Before Their Time: The World of Child Labor, David Parker spent 15 years compiling haunting photography documenting the pathetic conditions of child laborers around the world. Biloine W. Young tells the tale of how Minnesota-based organizations, including the Minneapolis Center for Victims of Torture and the Center for International Health, helped transform refugee medical care across the globe in My Heart It Is Delicious. Last, but not least, Wing Young Huie's Looking for Asian America: An Ethnocentric Tour is filled with images from around the country that manage to both mirror and challenge ethnic stereotypes and assumptions. Tonight, the authors discuss the power of the image and story.
Tue., Jan. 8, 5:30 p.m., 2008

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