Image courtesy event organizers


Happy Crazy New Year 7

Daily from Dec. 29-31
9:30 p.m.
Family Events, Holiday, Theater

Happy Crazy New Year is back again with a wild, interactive show and party. This year’s installment tells the story of a nightclub that may have to close after its star, Mister Snuffles, passes away. It’s a production filled with “terrible photoshop, overly elaborate life insurance extortion schemes, dancing, slapstick, and dogs.” In addition to the gripping pup-related plot, an impromptu dance party can spring up at any moment. Literally. Anyone in the audience is welcome to head onstage at any time during the show to click the “Dance Party Button,” sending the cast, crew, and audience into a one-minute whirlwind of movement. “These shows are insane,” says cast member Garrett Vollmer. “Everything starts pretty normal, and then an hour later I’m backstage, dressed as the pope, getting my hair cut by an audience member.” Sounds like a good time. Tickets are available at at All ages.