A couple of years back on an episode of Family Guy, resident hound Glenn Quagmire, after being informed that Taylor Hanson was, in fact, a guy, copped to having "posters and magazines and...oh my God!" In short, Hanson had become a huge punch line. Yes, they were a little girly, and they blew up and fell back to Earth in what seemed like only a matter of weeks, so it's hard not to poke a little fun. So what do you do to combat being considered washed-up by the general public by the time you reach middle school? Well, the Hanson boys (Taylor, Zac, and Isaac) kept on making music, of course. It just went unnoticed by the masses—in short, they went about their lives as if they never had been caught in the blindingly bright klieg lights of fame for even a few seconds. All of them are now married (between Taylor and Isaac they have what conservatively seems like 14 children), but the show goes on—albeit to far fewer people. It seems to suit them just fine, and in interviews over the past few years they seem to wish "MMMBop" could simply be erased from history as much as the rest of us do. 18+.
Sun., Dec. 9, 7 p.m., 2007

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