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Hamilton warrants the hype. Since debuting on Broadway in 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s radically re-contextualized story of Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers has improbably captured the imagination of the world. That’s probably thanks to Miranda’s audacious storytelling, where conventional approaches are replaced by a heart-racing narrative that covers monumental events, such as the Revolutionary War, but humanizes the scale with deeply personal crises. The allegiances and animosities that spark the passions of Hamilton convey a contemporary resonance, emphasized by Miranda’s decision to cast non-white performers as the historical figures and score the action to a musical mélange of hip-hop, jazz, pop, and showtunes. Though historically anachronistic, these choices prove culturally veracious, linking the past to the present with timeless notions of our most deeply held (though often unrealized) ideals. Ticket-seekers should be on the lookout for an expected release of additional seats, and pre-show lotteries can be entered via the official Hamilton app, offering winners the bargain price of $10 a ticket (limit two).