Haegue Yang: Integrity of the Insider

Haegue Yang's greatly varied work has a uniquely personal and political edge to it. "Integrity of the Insider" will be her first solo museum exhibition in the U.S., though you may already recognize her from the Walker's 2007 "Brave New Worlds" group show. Exhibition curator Doryun Chong first discovered her art while visiting Seoul, South Korea. Upon traveling to Incheon—an area not exactly known for its art scene—she discovered a playful, mysterious, and engaging show filled with video installations, origami, and poetry. It was not located in an official gallery space, but in the artist's late grandmother's home. In her latest effort, Yang once again uses video, sound, installation, and photography. Yearning Melancholy Red is a full-body experience; wood blinds whirl about like a mobile while a drum set (that guests can play) controls a traveling red light. Gymnastics of the Foldables features photographs of a clothes-drying rack in various positions, revisiting themes from her past origami pieces. Also interesting is Dehors, a series of slide projections using real-estate advertisements from Korea, their text blacked out, suggesting a dissonance between fantasy and reality, as well as class struggle. The opening features an artist and curator talk at 7 p.m. Thursday, September 24.
Sept. 24-Feb. 28, 2009

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