Everyone's idea of what is cool and fun differs from time to time, right? For some this Halloween weekend, it involves gallons upon gallons of fake blood hosing down the First Avenue crowd, among many other feigned bodily fluids, as GWAR and their leader Oderus Urungus unleash their brand of visceral and hilarious sci-fi-horror-themed thrash metal to the soon-to-be soaked masses. It's an insane spectacle that needs to be seen at least once, if not multiple times. First-timers should be warned to stay away from the pit unless they know the drill—make sure to wear your crappiest clothes and prepare for it to rain all sorts of fake nasty and to take in a stage show that is honestly second only to Alice Cooper's live theatrics of yore. Yeah, it's inappropriate for children, not for the faint of heart, and absolutely gross. But it's awesomely gross. With Kingdom of Sorrow, Toxic Holocaust. All ages.
Sat., Nov. 1, 5 p.m., 2008

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