Greg Wilson


Greg Wilson is coming to town, but which one? It's not the magician, and it's not the British DJ, or that country's famed cricketer. Nor is it the Canadian author. It's Greg Wilson, comedian and actor. The animated funny man oscillates between an affable Sam Kinison and a less volatile John Belushi, and often gets quite excited onstage. Interacting with and reacting to his audiences has him laughing so hard at times that he jumps up and down. It's hard to guess where he's headed at any point in his set. It could be a comparison of how New Yorkers use the phrase "come to find out," as compared to folks from L.A. "When people in New York say it, something amazing is on the back end," he says. People in Los Angeles, however, are more underwhelming. "Come to find out—it's not organic." Wilson then recalls his friend from Brooklyn who told the comic about a girl he was wining and dining. "Come to find out, she's a black guy. That's a true story!"
Feb. 3-7, 8 p.m.; Feb. 5-6, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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