Greg Warren

"I think I made people laugh in the office," Greg Warren says about his former job at packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble. "Especially toward the end because I didn't take my job very seriously." He adds, "Though I'd like to tell you I worked very hard up until the end." Most of Warren's comedy is character based, and comes in short bursts. In one bit he describes listening to sports talk radio, doing the voices of both caller and host. "I used to know this guy named Mike. He played football. Whatever happened to him?" To which the host replies, "His name is Mike Jefferson, he played for the Jets in the '80s, they cut him during the strike season, he now works for Subway sandwich shops in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Makes a good ham, not a good turkey, next caller." For a while Warren lived in California and took acting classes between tours. "I went out on some auditions," he says, but he decided to move back to St. Louis and concentrate on standup. "I don't really think I'll ever want to stray too far from standup. That's why I left a really good job at P&G, because I just love performing."
May 9-10, 8 & 10:30 p.m., 2008

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