Greg Gossell: Answering Machine

Local artist Greg Gossel has had some interesting projects of late, including a mural installation in the new Record Room at First Avenue, a piece featuring Lady Gaga for Interscope Records, and iPhone cover cases. It would be impossible to look at Gossel's work and not immediately think, "pop culture!" Each piece is an amazing mish-mash of shredded newspaper headlines, pictures of politicians and celebrities, business logos, and scorned women from pulp-fiction covers. We suspect that gazing upon one of his collages would yield discovery of more cultural references and signifiers than spending 15 minutes on the internet. His latest show, "Answering Machine," promises to be a collection that is as complex as it is colorful, and is definitely not to be missed. The opening reception this Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. will feature live music from Red Pens and BRLSQOTHEQUE DJs.
April 24-May 25, 2010

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