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Greg Behrendt

Daily from April 24-28
8 p.m.
Daily from April 27-28
10:30 p.m.

Greg Behrendt is a standup comedian, best-selling author, and musician. He also hosts two podcasts, Rock Out with Your Doc Out, with former Letters to Cleo lead singer Kay Hanley, and Maybe It’s You with his wife, Amiira. The former is about music documentaries, the latter is a relationship podcast, which he reckons has been the best thing ever to happen to his marriage. “When you’re married and have kids, how often do you get to sit down as a couple and talk for an hour?” he asks. The show ties in to the two books they’ve written, How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking and its sequel, We Used to Be in Love, Now We Just Work Here. “Marriage is preposterous,” he says. “It’s set up in a way that almost begs for failure. Anything that starts with a Super Bowl party before you play the game is iffy.” Love changes over time, Behrendt notes, and it can be epic and profound. In the couple’s second book, they explore what can be learned from divorced couples who have remained close and have a great relationship. 18+.