Do you know where in St. Paul you can have a grand time enjoying pizza, wine, and bakery items in a cafeteria setting? Does completing an obstacle course with your leg tied to a partner's sound like a good time? Are you willing to ask a complete stranger to give you his socks? These are examples of things you might be asked to do at the GreatMNRace, which turns the Twin Cities into a board game, obstacle course, and race not unlike the popular television show, The Amazing Race. Teams of two will attempt to complete eight out of ten challenges given, ranging from physical tests, questions about the Twin Cities past and present, picture quests, and even interaction with random people on the street. Participants will travel either via their legs or public transit, and are allowed to use cell phones, GPS systems, guidebooks, maps, and chutzpah. Cross the line first and you win $500. Sound like fun? Sign up by visiting or call 952.255.9856 if you have questions. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Urban Ventures. (photo by Morten Liebach)
Sat., Aug. 29, 11 a.m., 2009

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