Graphic Reality: Mexican Printmaking Today

"Graphic Reality," a touring exhibit warmly received in both New York City and Chicago, hopes to expand people's perceptions of contemporary Mexican art. Curating the show is artist Artemio Rodríguez, who reminds us that the printmaking community is "fresh and alive, and diverse." Participating artists demonstrate the wide range of styles and techniques used by today's printmakers, including lithographs, screen prints, relief prints, and etchings. For example, La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha, a woodprint by Joel Rendon, is a humorous play on the popular folk tune, featuring a giant, cigarette-smoking roach looking devilishly over his shoulder as he wanders amongst the trash of humanity—lipsticks, lost keys, salt shakers, spoons, and more. In War or Peace, Rodríguez poses more political questions in a relief print showing a skeletal horse and rider as they plow through a crowd of people who run in terror as the skeleton clutches a bag of money and a gun, storm clouds following close behind.
Sept. 14-Nov. 28, 2007

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