Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords

After the shocking dissolution of Lookbook, one of Minneapolis's most beloved local bands, Grant Cutler quickly found an outlet for the self-described "drone pop" sound that he has been toying around with over the last couple of years. The style of Grant Cutler & the Gorgeous Lords' music is a somber shift from the ethereal power-pop of his former outfit, but the intimate, brooding numbers found on the group's debut EP still soar in their own right, just with more shadows attached to the morose melodies. Cutler has assembled a stellar group to help him realize his new direction, with Noah Paster on bass, Matt Scharenbroich on drums, and Scott Johnson on guitar, all helping Grant craft the rich, nuanced sound that he's striving for. The group bring their distinctive brand of melancholia to the Triple Rock Social Club on Thursday night for a great triple bill of all-local music, with the saturnine quintet Satellite Voices and shoegazey duo Party House opening what should be an introspective but wholly engrossing evening filled with mercurial, moody music. 18+.
Thu., Dec. 23, 8 p.m., 2010

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