Goth Prom V: Contrivance Deus Ex Machina

Crank up the Bauhaus, tighten those corset strings, and slap on the wine-dark lipstick: It's Goth Prom time again. Here's your chance to either right the wrongs of yesteryear or adjust history so it aligns with your new, groovier identity. This year's theme, "Contrivance," looks like a lovely nod to "steampunk," that subgenre of science-fiction literature and comic art that overlays modern intrigue and technology atop Victorian fashion and culture. Heck, the organizers even state, "decorous raiment is required." Trip the light fantastic with your intended to the soothing sounds of DJs Oxygen and Nitrogen and their chums, and glory in the fact that the past, unlike your résumé, is there to be rewritten creatively and stylishly in an image of your choosing.
Mon., May 12, 9 p.m.-3 a.m., 2008


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