Goth Prom 7: Deadly Sins

Remember when the goth look mostly referred to people in black lipstick who listened to the Cure and watched The Crow on continual loop? Like most enduring movements that fuse music, fashion, and art, the world of goth has fragmented over the years into various subgenres. Now there's steampunk, emo, screamo, thrash, and somewhere in there we should probably throw in some Twilight vampires and the tweens who shop at Hot Topic. Whichever goth scene you prefer, you'll be welcome tonight at Goth Prom 7. Dress in your fanciest macabre evening wear and choose your persona for the dark night. Will you be the somber guy at the bar, the mystery chick smoking cloves outside, or the thrasher raging out on the dance floor? Music will be provided with sets from DJs Nitrogen and Noise. Proceeds from the event benefit Sister's Camelot, a local collective that distributes free organic food to those in need. For more info visit 18+.
Mon., May 17, 9 p.m., 2010

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