Gospel Gossip

This bill is fiendishly strange, a delight to schizophrenic local-music aficionados. It's a perfect tutorial on the multifaceted Minneapolis music scene: lo-fi vs. high gloss, grunge vs. glamour, indie vs. New Wave. Basically, we have a Sharks vs. Jets situation here. Even with, I assume, a lack of choreographed dance moves and semi-realistic-looking stage-prop weapons, this show is sure to please. Gospel Gossip are charming, singing about "little bubbles with cats inside of them." Mercurial Rage are suave and downright frisky, singing about "looking for love in a topless bar." Gospel Gossip seem like they might be into the Breeders. Mercurial Rage are admittedly pretty obsessed with New Order. Now if we can only pool our money for their dance lessons, maybe we can produce the Cedar-Riverside Story. The Triple Rock would be the perfect setting for a mock brawl. And a New Wave version of "I Feel Pretty" could possibly be cool. You in? 18+.
Fri., Aug. 1, 9 p.m., 2008

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