Gold Panda

Sept. 17
8 p.m.
Electro Pop

As something of a late bloomer, having released his 2010 debut album at the age of 30, English producer Gold Panda has swiftly achieved elder statesman status in electronic music circles. While his go-to instrument, the Akai MPC, is more associable with music production of the ’90s, Panda’s tracks continue to sound fresh and relevant. After the success of his initial singles and EPs, his warm and inviting 2010 debut, Lucky Shiner, solidified his up-and-coming status with twitchy little melodies and surprisingly emotive vocal samples (see: “You,” which is still his signature track). Following 2013’s darker, dancier Half of Where You Live, this year’s Good Luck and Do Your Best finds him returning to Lucky Shiner’s bright haze. Highlights include the J Dilla-esque instrumental hip-hop of “In My Car” and the Eastern psychedelia of “Song for a Dead Friend.” Open Mike Eagle and Aaron Rice open.