Gogol Bordello

You don't have to like their albums, but if you think Gogol Bordello's live show is anything less than spectacular, well, consider us at loggerheads, Bub. Gogol Bordello concerts are high-flying, sweat flingin', drum-surfing testaments to the joy of music. Led by their charismatic frontman Eugene Hütz (an actor, DJ, and refugee of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster), the band infuses their grab-bag ethnic punk with cabaret theatrics and an unfathomable supply of energy. Boasting eight members in colorful, thrifty gypsy costumes, including a couple of gymnastisc dancer/percussionists, they provide plenty to tantalize the eye. With a musical diversity even broader than the band's poly-ethnicity, there's something for just about every set of ears, too. On their latest CD, Tarantella, the band venture further away from the Eastern European shibboleths they made their name on, delving into genres such as dub, flamenco, and Italian folk. With Dub Trio.
Thu., Nov. 1, 6 p.m., 2007

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