God's Pottery

God's Pottery has done for gently mocking hokey Christian music what Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat did for laughing at Kazakhstan. Guitar player Jeremiah Smallchild and bell player and singer Gideon Lamb are always in character, never do press under their real names (Wilson Hall and Krister Johnson), and earn both laughs and jeers for their work. They did quite well on NBC's Last Comic Standing this summer, and now they're setting out on the road to bring the Good Word to comedy clubs.

CP: Tell me a little about Last Comic Standing.

Jeremiah Smallchild: Boy, it was just a lot of fun to be on the TV. We've seen TV before, of course, but to be on it was so different. We were able to reach literally hundreds of people. It was a little scary. We felt the pressure, not from the competition, of course, but from knowing we could affect hundreds of lives.

Gideon Lamb: Literally hundreds. Most people might not know this. But it takes a lot of people to put on a TV show. They have people whose job it is to run the equipment and stand by the equipment doing nothing. And snack delivery people.

CP: Does it surprise you to hear that some people question whether you're actually religious?

GL: I tell you what, it did surprise me at first. But people aren't used to a couple of Christian kids being as cool as we are. People look at us and say, "Look at all the laughing and dancing and high-fiving, that doesn't fit."

JS: We might not have tattoos but we can handle tough issues. What's cooler than that? One thing we learned from the show is that just because you have tattoos doesn't mean you're a bad person.

GL: And just because you have tattoos doesn't mean that you're a drug dealer. But all drug dealers have tattoos.

CP: Does it bother you that a large part of your audience might be laughing at your religion and values?

GL: I don't think that's really happening.

JS: There's a lot of laughter, but it's with us, I think. We're not here to judge. If they want to laugh at us, that's fine. They think they're winners, but, as a line in one of our songs says, it's tough be a winner when you're burning in hell.

Give God's Pottery a listen at Acme Comedy Co.
Aug. 19-23, 8 p.m.; Aug. 22-23, 10:30 p.m., 2008

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