Gob Squad: Super Night Shot

The Gob Squad is going to save the Twin Cities from the problem from which it most needs saving: not from falling bridges, not from the impending crush of Republicans, not even from policemen in search of cyclists. The Gob Squad is saving the cities from a nemesis that plagues all large urban areas: anonymity. The group of artists will hit the streets of Minneapolis armed with video cameras an hour before showtime to film a largely improvised story centered around the main "hero" (and opening, appropriately, to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero") before returning to the venue to mix the tape live. The result is Borat unplugged. Residents see their own city through the lens of these four outsiders who are genuinely up for any sort of experience. Imbued with the sense of tension that comes from such a high level of improvisation and on-the-spot creativity (the audience wonders, "Will this work?" through the whole piece), the Squad's previous Super Night Shots have been works of humor, enlightenment, and commentary on popular culture and urban life in the way that only the most post-post-post work can be. Save yourself. See the Gob Squad.
Sept. 20-22, 9 p.m., 2007

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