'Go Back for Murder' Bob Suh


Go Back for Murder

Every Fri. and Sat. from Nov. 16-Dec. 15
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Nov. 18-Dec. 16
2 p.m.

Considering Theatre in the Round Players’ superlative track record with previous Agatha Christie whodunits, audiences can expect to be thrilled by Go Back for Murder. Adapted by Christie from her novel Five Little Pigs, the play centers on Carla Crale, a young woman whose mother was convicted of killing her father some 15 years past. After receiving a posthumous letter from her mom, Carla becomes convinced of her innocence, and sets out to uncover the true perpetrator. In classic Christie fashion, an eccentric gallery of suspects soon emerges, as Carla (accompanied by her assertive fiancé and an inquisitive solicitor) seeks out five people connected to her father’s death. As each of the suspects provides fresh revelations, long-hidden secrets are unearthed, along with an array of sinister motives. As in prior Christie productions, would-be detectives in the audience are sure to enjoy deducing the identity of the guilty party, undeterred by the skillfully deployed red herrings and false leads of this murder-mystery.