Glorious Monster EP-Release

Quietly epic would be an appropriate description for Glorious Monster. Their sound features guitar, piano, mildly depressed vocals, and a bit of in-studio sparkle to give it a slightly computerized feel. Their mellow, ambient sound might seem familiar: Snippets and original scores penned by the group have been featured in commercials for BMW and Coke, the movie trailer for Rescue Dawn, and on MTV shows such as The Real World and The Hills. The band's two members, Brian Casey and Danny Burke, met while studying music at the University of St. Thomas. This Saturday features the release of their new remix EP, In the Movies. Though they cover the seasonal "O Holy Night" and the Bowie standard "Space Oddity," those tracks are best left forgotten in favor of their original work, which is worthy of play on any stereo during a low-key drive through the city. 21+.
Sat., Dec. 8, 9 p.m., 2007

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