Glitter Ball 3: Big Hair Big Hearts

With current charitable focus directed toward stemming the disaster in Haiti, it can be difficult to remember the help needed at home. This is a chance to spread the love right where the Twin Cities needs it most. Glitter Ball 3 celebrates the decadent cheese of the '80s big-hair era, with White Light Riot (pictured) goofing off to Spinal Tap tunes, Alison Scott lending her impressive alto to AC/DC tributes, and more guilty pleasures by the Melismatics, the Notties, and the Bloodsugars. And while the night is destined to be a blast (rumor is there's free beef jerky), it will also raise awareness of the work by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. With more than 400 local young people waiting to join the program, it needs more help than ever, and Glitter Ball 3 is the perfect opportunity to learn more, get involved, and raise money for the organization. Plus, you can check the "Do something nice for the world" item off your 2010 to-do list. (Photo by Darin Back)
Fri., Jan. 29, 6:30 p.m., 2010

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