Glenn Hurowitz

Are fear and politics wedded concepts? Though we have seen politicians wallow in scare tactics in hopes of gaining political leverage, author Glenn Hurowitz would definitely answer no. In Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party, the political commentator, activist, blogger, and self-professed progressive Democrat rants and raves on the successes and missteps of Democrats over the past 15 years. His political shit list may surprise some. Though few should be shocked that Tom Daschle's chapter is titled "Circumstantial Cowardice," Hurowitz also takes time to explain how Democratic titan Bill Clinton (and those who still carry a torch for the man eight years after his presidency) actually hinders the future of the Democratic Party. He also sings the praises of groups such as, and cites the trials and tribulations of Sen. Paul Wellstone as an example of a fearless politician who learned from mistakes, and who did what he felt was right regardless of what was popular. Hurowitz clearly feels that the next year could be a progressive year for Democrats, and politics in general—if we learn from the past.
Fri., Jan. 25, 5 p.m., 2008

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