Ghostface Killah; Rakim; Brother Ali

If there truly is such a person who would write off the idea of hip hop being a live performance-enhanced art form, they'd be advised to take notice. Three generations of MC—the Truth, the Killah, and the Microphone Fiend—are coming to town with a 10-piece backing band fixing to operate correctly. Showcasing three utterly different MCs in very different stages of their respective careers, the tour adds historical significance to the emphasis on hip hop as live art. Our hometown pride, Brother Ali, rises up to cover the emerging talent angle. Rakim, for his part, is the tour's legendary elder statesman, and Ghostface is in the prime of his career, fresh off highly acclaimed solo records and building momentum for two releases this December (one solo, one with the reunited Wu-Tang Clan). Together these epochal masters of the microphone hit the stage with the funky soul of the Rhythm Roots Allstars.
Sun., Nov. 11, 8 p.m., 2007

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