Georgia O'Keefe: Circling Around Abstraction

Georgia O'Keefe is perhaps best known for her lush flower pictures and stark pelvis series, but as an artist who lived for nearly 100 years (and worked for many of them), she has a legacy that is broad and ranging and not so easily defined. Rather than attempt to give the full range of O'Keefe's styles, "Circling Around Abstraction" presents the backbone of the artist's work: the circle. In this collection, viewers see the progression of her use of the circle, a contrast to other abstract (male) painters of her time who typically worked with straight lines and cubes, as her work moves closer to and further away from references to the natural world. The exhibit includes O'Keefe's only sculpture, a clean white spiral shape, in two sizes. While the organic quality of her work is undeniable, one of the joys in seeing her more abstract pieces is the way in which they call upon viewers to bring their own interpretations. It's not all lady lumps and flowers.
Oct. 7-Jan. 6, 2007

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