George Rabasa

No one, except (maybe) fellow scribes, actually wants to read about or watch writers being writers. Remember the MTV reality show I'm from Rolling Stone, which pitted six interns against each other for a job at the famed rock magazine? No? That's because watching writers work falls somewhere between watching primer dry and watching paint dry. Yet in The Wonder Singer (Unbridled Books), the writer's life takes on enough glitter, glam, and, dare I say, intrigue to make one ghostwriter's adventure through Hollywood, history, and the world of opera divas into a veritable caper. Mark Lockwood takes on the task of ghostwriting Mercè Casals's autobiography, and it seems that the winds of fortune have finally shifted for the hack writer. But when his diva dies in her bathtub, Lockwood must pen her story on the lam, evading his agent's ploys to retrieve his tapes and notes, and out-writing his competitor. Rabasa artfully intertwines the stories of both the author and his subject to create a charming narrative, making a writer's life substantially more engaging than MTV ever could. Soprano Jennifer Baldwin-Peden will also perform at this reading.
Tue., June 9, 7 p.m., 2009

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