George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

It's difficult to imagine the elderly George Clinton resting on his laurels, sipping RC Cola and catching a Golden Girls rerun—even though that bitch Dorothy is pretty funny. No, those rainbow hair extensions would just look out of place anywhere except on an enormous stage. Clinton has been preaching funkiness to decades' worth of stoned college kids with no end in sight. Whether it's the delectable kitsch of "Atomic Dog" or the face-melting qualities of "Maggot Brain," Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic are a must-see. Don't think of this as just another lackluster has-been tour: Clinton is notorious for outstaying his welcome, playing so long venues pull the plug. Besides, it's doubtful Clinton has rent to pay. He probably lives on a space ship. 18+.
Tue., May 27, 8 p.m., 2008

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