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Geoff Tate

Daily from Aug. 10-11
8 p.m.

Geoff Tate used to talk about politics and current events in his act, and he vented about both parties pretty evenly. Offstage these days, however, his dismay is leaning in a particular direction. “They’ve turned everything political,” he says. “The right bitch constantly. They bitch about other people bitching, and it’s frustrating.” He elaborates: “Think of all the things that weren’t political five years ago that are now. For example, I don’t think parents should be separated from their babies. That’s now a political statement. I don’t think you should sell bulletproof backpacks before you do something about granting access to guns for the mentally unstable. That’s now a political statement. Things that were so fucking obvious are now split down party lines.” And that’s why he no longer talks about those things onstage. “The stuff I’m writing now is sillier,” he says. “I guess it is a direct response to how fucking terrible everything else is.” He feels the audience needs a break. “It’s so bad all day, every day that when I go onstage I’d rather not talk about all that heavy shit.” 21+.