"Geniale Dilletanten: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s" Images courtesy event organizers


Geniale Dilletanten: Subculture in Germany in the 1980s

Daily from Nov. 2-18
Time Varies
Free; donation requested
Art, Film, Galleries, Music

Though the Berlin Wall separated East and West Germany in the 1980s, people on both sides were unified in the “Junge Wilden” (Young Wild Ones) movement. The key players were renaissance artists working across media, creating films, gallery pieces, ’zines, and music. With the power of the mixtape, dive bar stage, and handheld recording devices they created a subculture that pushed boundaries, despite living in divided countries with very clear borders. “Geniale Dilletanten,” presented by the Germanic-American Institute, will showcase the work of seven bands from the era, sharing film shorts, fashion, music, and more.