Gaylaxicon 2009

As sci-fi/fantasy conventions go, Gaylaxicon can easily stand on its own legs even without that whole gay thing. It has as a guest of honor got Margaret Weiss, one of the granddames of contemporary fantasy literature, and an early architect of Dungeons & Dragons. There'll be prolific author Andy Mangels, known for his comic-book work and writing in the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. A whole ream of comic books, art, gaming supplies, and other nerd loot will be sold in the vendor areas. There are 69 (snicker) events on the schedule, from discussions on the HBO series True Blood to readings by featured authors. But on top of all that good sci-fi/fantasty convention stuff, Gaylaxicon offers this experience in a GLBT-celebratory environment, complete with a cabaret featuring drag and Rocky Horror-themed comedy, panels discussing GLBT issues in sci-fi and fantasy culture, and folks of every orientation and lifestyle decked out in costume. For a complete schedule, visit or call 612.605.8969 to leave a voicemail.
Oct. 9-11, 2009

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