Gastro Non Grata: Pre-Valentines Fricasee III

Gastro Non Grata is back to provide haters of Hallmark-style love another rocking food-and-booze party on the day before Valentine's Day. This edition will go down at the event's usual home, the Triple Rock Social Club, and features fine Asian dishes from Chowgirls catering, who promise to dole out the lamb curry, seven spice raita, and pork short ribs while sporting western wear. Wash the spicy kimchi slaw down with brews from craft beermaker Southern Tier, or check out the surprise samples Northern Brewer will try out on the crowd. And the rock? The sounds of Running Scared, the 4 on the Floor, and Whiskey Jeff and the Beer Back Band will provide the necessary aural accompaniment to all the consumption. Finish off the odyssey with some kind of alcohol-based cheesecake from Haute Dish's pastry chef, Christian Aldrich. The icing on the cake will most decidedly be the Clancey's Dead Meat Door Prizes, composed of differing sacks of tasty flesh and bones—the kind that true carnivores swoon for. 21+.
Sun., Feb. 13, 6 p.m., 2011

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