Garrison Keillor

When Evelyn Peterson dies in her sleep one night, her daughter Barbara finds a note detailing her last wishes—she wants to be laid out and cremated wearing her green rhinestone-beaded dress, her ashes placed in the green bowling ball given to her by her boyfriend Raoul, and dropped into Lake Wobegon. Her grandson, Kyle, enthusiastically devises a plan to deliver the bowling ball in the parasail he bought with money his grandmother had given him with instructions to "Spend it on something you've always wanted." Debbie Detmer, a veterinary aromatherapist, has, in the meantime, returned for her "celebration of commitment" on board the Agnes D, a pontoon boat. Thus the characters of Lake Wobegon careen toward and bounce off each other like billiard balls, bound by their shared community. Garrison Keillor's latest installment, Pontoon, is a study, as many of his novels are, in the fundamental goodness of people in spite of their everyday problems, quirks, and their sometimes utter ridiculousness.
Wed., Sept. 12, 7:30 p.m.

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