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Gareth Reynolds

Daily from July 30-Aug. 3
8 p.m.
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Many comics from neighboring Wisconsin have migrated to Minneapolis-St. Paul to pursue comedy, but that’s not the case for Milwaukee native Gareth Reynolds. “I started doing standup about 10 years ago in New York,” he says. It was in high school that he realized he didn’t have any marketable skills beyond making people laugh, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Being a comedian also means getting to do cool things, like visiting the Vikings’ new stadium before it opened. “As a Packers fan I know not to talk about my team when I’m there,” he notes. “The guy giving us the tour said we had to wear hard hats. And they had the Vikings logo on them.” Fellow comic Steve Byrne was also there, making fun of Reynolds and taking pictures of him in his Vikings hard hat. “Then, in the distance, I see that glorious green and gold on a hard hat. One of the construction workers would not play ball, and was wearing his Packers hard hat in enemy territory.”