Galia Eibenschutz collaborates with HIJACK Image courtesy event organizers


Galia Eibenschutz with HIJACK

Daily from Oct. 16-17
7 p.m.
Dance, Music

Each year, the McKnight Foundation sponsors an international choreographer to come to town and work with local dancemakers. This week, Mexican artist Galia Eibenschutz teams up with HIJACK, aka Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon, arguably the Coen brothers of dance. Like the filmmakers, Wilder and Van Loon like to let their imaginations run loose across a wide range of genres, bringing tight compositional form to disparate ideas. While visiting Eibenshutz’s Mexican digs, the HIJACK duo were fascinated by her practice of uniting drawing, dance, and design, including dancers drawing on each other’s backs and translating sensation into shapes. After a year of online communication and a nail-biting wait for a visa, Eibenschutz is in town working with HIJACK and an all-star cast of area dance improvisers. They will indeed hijack the Cedar Cultural Center, flooding it with activity inspired by textures, landscapes, the writings of John Berger, and dance movement generated by drawings. The performance includes an original music score by Katelyn Farstad, who opens the evening with songs as her alter-ego, Itch Princess. Eibenshutz will also conduct several community workshops throughout her residency.