Last year's winner Randy Ankarlo holds his giant check. Funniest Person with a Day Job


Funniest Person With a Day Job: The Final

June 24
7:30 p.m.

There are a lot of funny people working normal, boring day jobs. Each summer, House of Comedy takes 84 of the best, worst, and everything in between and puts them onstage for the chance at $1,000 and the prestigious title of Funniest Person with a Day Job. This Monday, the best of the best will compete in the contest’s finals. The competition started back in April with prelims and semi-finals taking place each week, with different groups of celebrity judges helping to whittle down the pack. While some of the contestants are aspiring comedians who can be found at open mic nights all over town, the contest also brings out the hidden gems of naturally talented funny people just looking for that giant novelty check. Will the next comedy megastar be discovered at House of Comedy this Monday? Maybe. But more likely you’ll see the winner get really excited and blow their winnings on booze... only to have to show up hungover for their real job on Tuesday morning. 16+.