Nate Abshire and Bryan Miller Brandon Simon


Funnier Than Nate Abshire Featuring Bryan Miller

Daily from Dec. 26-31
8 p.m.
Daily from Dec. 29-31
10:30 p.m.
Comedy, Holiday

“This year I’ve been focusing more on just doing standup,” says comedian Nate Abshire. “I’m just doing standup now, and it actually has made me a lot happier to just do what I do.” It’s not that he’s turning down work. “I feel like I used to get stressed out about trying to get my next TV credit and all that. I think that stuff is nice, but I’m trying to focus on each set and being in the moment because what I love about standup is the connection you get with all these people.” Nowadays, Abshire has a new mindset. “I believe we weren’t meant to have all these jobs and work and stuff. I think that unemployment is the natural state of man.” He’ll be taking the stage alongside friendly rival (and City Pages contributor) Bryan Miller. 18+.